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April 22, 2012
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P.S : Guys, this is my first time writing a literature in English! Mein Gott, please forgive me about my bad grammar! Many of this had a wrong spelling grammar and I am so sorry!! Hope you can understand without grammar also forgive me if this story is suck!

"Th-thanks... A-actually, you didn't have to do this, ______"

The wind blowing so hard, flying some of the petals which are very colorful. You captured the petals flying nearby and observing that petal, what type of flower for a moment, but you couldn't. You are not into plants, so you didn't know many types of the flowers.

_______ stepped to a giant flower garden, there a lot of the types of flowers that she didn't know. You sighing, at least these gardens can please you a bit.

This is your first visit to England, you forced to go here, leaving you friends in your country because your father told you to. If you said you didn't want to go with him, it's mean that you have to sleep alone at night in your quiet house?

No. That's too scary. You afraid or ghosts and you are suggestive person. But you feel regret to reject your father's request to bought you here.

You were so lonely.

Suddenly, something catches your eyes. There is a flower you didn't know that has a same color with petal you got before. You narrowed your eyebrows in surprise. You feel that you really hate that flowers but you didn't know why.

"Lily. That is a lily flower. Yellow-colored Lily." Someone saying behind you, make you surprised and immediately turned around. "Means by lies, fake." He continued.

You nodded. That's why I hate this flower...

You stop stared at that Lies flower and turned to that boy. He has a blonde hair with emerald eyes which shined through of your ______ (eyes color) eyes, he also has a... very thick eyebrows.

You couldn't help but giggling with his thick eyebrows. He stared at you, feels annoyed. "Hey," said the little man's with blonde hair with a sigh. "I know my eyebrows are very thick, but— ah, never mind." He cut all of his words, turned, and left you behind.

"H, hey!!"
"Hey, dad." You call your father who was working on something you didn't know.

"Hey, babe. How was your day in here?" Your father asking softly to you with smiled. You just replied his question with a faint smile.

"I think I was making someone mad at me, dad." You said while you sat down next to him. Your father widened his eyes which full of question. "I was giggling when I stared at his thick eyebrows. I wanted to say sorry to him."

Your father smiled and patted your head softly. "That's right, _____. Hm, wait a minute. Did you say 'his eyebrows are thick'?" Your father asked you.

You nodded. "You know him, dad?"

"I think you meet with Kirkland's child," your father said straightly.

"Really?! Alright, tomorrow I will search a boy named Kirkland!" You said, in high-spirited makes your father laughed. You noticed something on the table.

"Hey, dad... Is that..?"
_________ walked again in the middle of the garden again the next day. You hoped that you could meet him again in here. Your eyes widened when you heard the footstep sound approach to you.

Is that a little boy last time? You turned your head with enthusiasm, hoping that footstep is belong to him since you've been waiting for 1 hour.

No. It's not him. You see a man who had a scary-faced and start approach you. You feel this man is dangerous and you afraid with him, makes you immediately ran. You're right, he's target you. When you ran as fast as you can, he followed you and easily caught you.

"LET ME GO!!!" You cried, hoping someone can hear your shout. "L-let me go!!! Dad!!!!" You continued to shout, hope your dad— no, anyone could hear you.

He didn't say anything and carried you out of the garden. He was trying to hold your mouth so you can't shout and cried, but you bite his hand. "Gaaah!! You little bastard!!!" He mocked you and slapped your cheek.

Tears started to fall down from your eyes. "L-let me go..." You whispered with a trembling voice.

Suddenly, you heard a stone thrown by someone unto your kidnapper makes him turned around and see who did that to him.

"Let go of her, you bloody git!!"

Your eyes widened. Little boy you're looking for is in front of you! No, no. That's not important, and now he is trying to save you. Is he mad at you yesterday? But now he is your savior and this time, you depend on him.

"You stupid little boy... How dare you threw rocks at me," that man throws you violently and stared at that little boy with madness. "Are you trying to test me?"

"Shut up, you bloody wanker! How can you treat a little lady violently?!" He shouts to that man angrily. You blushed when you heard him. "Hey, you!! Calls mature people here as soon as possible!!! Now!!!" Commanded him to you.

You nodded and ran fast as you can.

That man wanted to caught you, but again, that Kirkland little boy throw him again using stone. "Your opponent is me." He said, manly.

That man smirked evilly, "so you're ready to die, right?"
You ran fast as you can, searching a people who can help Kirkland little boy. You know he is in danger right now and what you need is a help!

"DAD!!! DADDY!!!!" You shouted to your dad when you see your father who talking to someone with... thick eyebrows, too— similar with that little boy, your savior.

"Hey, ______? What happened?" Your dad ask and he noticed your clothes are so dirty and you organize your breathe and starting to speak.

"H- Help me, daddy!!! That little boy named Kirkland!!! He is facing with strange man who wanted to catch me!!!" You shout in hurry, making two of that guys shocked.

"What happened to Arthur?!" Another man with thick eyebrows asking you with shock. It seems that his name is Arthur.

"J-just go to the garden!!! Hurry!!!"
Arthur, that little boy was easily defeated by the scary man. Arthur lying on the ground with cuts and blood on his body and that man's foot began to kick Arthur, makes him bouncing and destroyed some flowers there.

"I told you. I will kill you before that stupid girl come back with a—"


Arthur heard a familiar sound in his ears. He trying to stay conscious, but he can't. He panted heavily and his eyes began to close.

"You bastard!!! How dare you could hit kids like that!!!" Arthur's father shout to that man who trying to escape, but your father— you have a combat skills are facing with that man.

"Shit..." That man mumbled and stared at you with views of hatred. You ignore him and rushed to Arthur.

"Arthur!!! Arthur, wake up!!!" You cried loudly at his ears, hope that he will opened his emerald eyes and see you— which will make you feels a bit calm. "Arthur!!!"
"Aw.. Shit.. where am I..?" Arthur opened his eyes and feels a pain in his head.

"Arthur!!! Thanks God! You're awake!" You cried happily and hugged him, makes him blushed. "Arthur! I'm so scared that you're died!" You continued to cried, tears falling down on your cheeks.

"H-hey.. I- I'm okay... Just a piece of cake." He said, lying. He began to rub your tears on your cheeks. "How did you know my name?"

"I heard from your father, Arthur!" You said with a cheerful tone, your worried was gone anywhere. "By the way, my name is ____________!"

"Y, yeah... __________." He said with a red-face and he trying to hide it from you. He noticed something holding in your hand. "That's..? Flower?"

"Ah this is for you!!" You said and give that flower to Arthur.

"Hey.. Is that white tulip..?" He asked you directly unto your pure ______ (eye color) eyes.

"Yes! I wanted to feel sorry about yesterday. I don't mean to mock your eyebrows like that. It's just... special." You said, honestly.

"Sp-special?" He asked with a red face as tomato and takes that lily from you. You chuckle, makes him smile gently to you. "Thank you. Anyway, where you can find out the meaning of this?"

"Oh, I was reading a book on my father's table. He also helped me find the right flowers for my apology to you." You said with a smile painted in your face. "I think that book is from your father,"

"Wait--- that's mean you read that THICK BOOK in one day?!" He said loudly, get shocked.

You grinned to him, "it's not a big problem, Arthur." You said with a smile, again.

He blushed when he see your smile again and turned around. "Th-thanks... A-actually, you didn't have to do this, ______"

"It's okay, Arthur! Oh, when you get healthier, could you accompany me to the garden and show me any kind of flowers?" You asked happily.

________ And Arthur started running here and there, looking from one plant to another plant, while listening to the explanations given by Arthur. You heard him very seriously while you holding that thick flower book which given by Arthur's father to your father.

Having tired of running here and there, you are lying down at the grass and feels the gentle breeze stroked your hairs. For a moment, you are silent, just enjoying the gentle breeze and the smelling scent of flowers. Both of you was chatting happily, for some reason Arthur was pleased to meet with _______ and _____________ pleased to meet with Arthur.

You are talked about some things after that. About the family, flowers, home, up to the ideals. You realized that Arthur avoid the topic about 'brother'. But you didn't care about it so much. You didn't want to interfere Arthur's life.

"Uhm, maybe I should give you Sweet Pea now, Arthur." you said suddenly. Arthur looked at you with a confused look. "Sweet pea... means by Good bye. Tomorrow, I will go back to ______ (your country's name)." You said with a sad tone inside.

Arthur was shocked. But he was silent and just stared. "I-I see. But you must come again to England, right?" Arthur asked, trying to smile. You could only be silent, unlike you.

"I don't know." You said shortly, you are in sadness right now. Then you were both silent for a long time. "W-we must go back, Arthur. Sun started to set down."

Arthur nodded and you both were still silent.

"Good night, ________." He said and pulling you closer to him and kissed your forehead. You smiled.

"Good night."
This is your last time in England.

Early morning, your father already wakes you up and you are already in ship right now. But you refused to move from ship's deck and your eyes searching for Arthur.

5 minutes.

10 minutes.

20 minutes.

30 minutes.

"Arthur... Where are you..?" You mumbled with a sad tone, your father patted your head softly. "Dad, why Arthur doesn't come here?"

"Maybe he is busy right now, _______." Your father said with a soft tone, which makes you feel better. You sighed.

"_______! _______!" Someone shouted. He was too tired to turn around, and then you heard someone was shouting, "MOVE!! MOVE YOU ALL!! YOU BLOODY WANKER!!"

You turned around, and find Arthur waving to you. "Hah... Hah... ______!!!"

You ran down from the ship, ignoring your father's shouting and ran directly to Arthur. "Arthur!! I'm so happy you come!!" You cried and hugged him tightly.

He hugged you back, "sorry, _______. I was searching for red tulip, but I can't find it everywhere... Sorry." He said gentle and stroked your hair with his hand.

You shook your head, still hugged him. "No, Arthur. It's okay... I'm happy to see you now." You said and let go of Arthur from your arm.

"I just find pink carnation." He said and giving you a carnation flower. You smiled to him, make him blush. "If we will meet again, I will give you red-tulip. I'm promise,________."

Pink carnation means by 'I'll never forget about you.' You just nodded and kiss his cheek, make him blushing. "I will wait for you red-tulip, Arthur. It's a promise, then." You said softly and smiled again. You ran to the ship and stay on the deck. You saw Arthur waving his hand to you. The ship began to move away from England and make you smile softly when you stared at that Pink Carnation.

"Red tulip, huh?" You asked to yourself and then your eyes widened. You rushed to your father and borrowing his thick book about flower and you searching about meaning of 'Red-Tulip' in there.

You gasped when you know that meaning.

Red- tulip means by...

'I Love You.'
Hey guys! This is my first fanfiction in Deviantart! I know my grammar is sucks. Please forgive me :iconlazycryplz:

It's need more than an hour to create this. I have to make the story, translate it into english, and edited it. No way, my backbone is hurts.. XD

But I don't regret to make this and hope you all enjoy!!

Hetalia and Arthur belongs to :: :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belongs to :: :iconarthurkirklandplz:
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